How to Add Promotion Code into Your Shop

You can now add coupon or promotional code to your customer's purchases. Here's how you can do it:

Log on to your dashboard.


Go to Marketing > click on Coupon Code.


Click on the Add Coupon button.


Here, you can add a coupon code based and set the settings.

Add a Coupon Name for your promotion code.

Code is the combination of words and / or numbers that you want your customers to use.

There is two options for the Usage Limits - whether you want to set it for Unlimited or set a number.

Deduce Method is the way that you want to offer the promotion - Fixed Value or Percentage, whichever you prefer.

Minimum of Purchase is the minimum limit that you want to set if your customer wants to use the promotion code.

As for Coupon Duration, you can set it for Ongoing (where you can turn off later) or disable it and set the Start and End Date.





 Don't forget to click Submit to make sure that your coupon code is saved! :)


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