How To Add Subcategory to Your Products

After adding categories to your products, you can now add subcategories (or known as child category) to your categories. This subcategory is used to further separate your products to their respective characteristics.

For example, you want to categorize your clothing products into their subcategories. To edit this setting, go to your Dashboard > Product > Product Categories.


As you can see here, a few categories have already been added into the platform. To add a subcategory, click on the button as shown below.


Here, you can add the subcategory that you wish to add to your categories.


Don't forget to click Add Category!


Here you can see that your subcategory has already been added and a notification bar appears on top of your dashboard.


If you want to  add the subcategory into its category, click on the button as shown below.


You can now drag (to the right direction) the subcategory that you just have added to the category that you want it to be in.


As you can observe here, the subcategory has already been added to the category.


Click Save Arrangement to save the change that you has just made. 


Your subcategory is now has successfully been added to the category that you wanted.


You can add as many categories that you like and don't forget to click Save Arrangement each time you make changes. Don't forget to try it out!

Every subcategories that you have edited will be shown in the Webstore as shown below.


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