How to Setup Your SEO Settings

By using SEO, you can fully optimize your shop and get it to be properly listed in the search engine.

Here's how you can setup your personalized information about your shop for SEO purpose.

First, login to your AVANA Dashboard.


Scroll down, click on WebStore, and go to SEO.


Here in this page, you can edit and personalize your store's name, information and also the keywords used to target your audience and customers.


WebStore Title - You can edit your store's name so it can appear as one link in the search engine's result.

WebStore Description - You can simply present your WebStore with a brief description of what's your store is all about.

For Meta Tag Keywords - you need to know specific keywords that are used by your audience for better targeting when they are searching keywords. That way, you can focus specifically on what your audiences are searching for.

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