How do I set up additional shipping method?

In AVANA, we do understand the need to provide additional shipping services to cater to your customers' needs and requests. With us, you can ship you products both locally and worldwide.

If you wish to add additional shipping method to your shop, here's how you can do it:

Login to your AVANA Dashboard and click on Shipping.


As you can see, there is only one shipping method used in the account.

If you want to add more shipping method, click on + Add shipping destination.

Here, you can choose either to add FlexiPack or CityLink.

FlexiPack offers you a much bigger shipping coverage and allowing you to ship worldwide.

Click selected countries to choose the countries to ship your products to and you can even select the states for each countries.

Click Rest of the world if you wish to ship your products to all countries without exception 





Select Courier Service Rate to apply the shipping rate set by Flexipack

Select Custom Rate to customise and set how your shipping rate will be calculated.Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_12.11.07.png

Click Handling fees to enable handling fees per order. This will be automatically added to total shipping cost

Click Free shipping to enable free shipping and enter the minimum total order.Screen_Shot_2018-03-05_at_12.12.07.png

For CityLink, you can edit the area or region as shown in the list.

Make sure you click Save after you've done all changes for your shipping method.

Once it's done, you will see that the new shipping method has been added into the shipping list.



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