Are There Any Transaction Fees for Payment Gateway

So far, here are the charges for the payment gateways:

PayPal (buyer to merchant): (4.4%+RM2) PayPal Fee + (RM1) AVANA Fee per item per order

PayPal (upgrade AVANA plan through PayPal): 3.9% + RM2

MOLPay: 3.8% or RM 0.60, whichever is higher.

Online Payment (AVAPay): 3.0% or RM 0.60 (whichever is higher per transaction) + 6% GST from transaction fee  and RM 0.50 per settlement. Minimum settlement is RM100 and will be processed every Monday.

If you have inquiries or need help with the above matter, kindly contact our Support Team for further assistance. 

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