How to Activate Messenger Bot

As an online business owner, AVANA understands your need to make sure that your customers' experience with their purchase goes as smoothly as it can be. So, we want to help with the process with Messenger Bot!

With Messenger Bot, you can send messages automatically to your customers when they click the Message button to send you a message. After they DM-ed you, our Messenger Bot will instantly assist your customer to help with their purchase.

Here's how you can set up the Messenger Bot:

Log in to your Dashboard > scroll down on your toolbar to ChannelsMessenger > click Settings.


Enable your Messenger Bot by clicking on the Enable button.


After that, click on Greeting Message to set up the your personalized message.


Don't forget to click Save!

You have to make sure that you have your product Categories sorted out to make sure that the Messenger Bot can perform properly.

For your information, the message will be sent once your customer interacts for the first time with your Facebook Messenger. After that, they can easily find your shop again through their DM or send message to your shop. Here's how it looks like:


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