How to Add Variations for Your Product

Variations are the selection of your products such as sizes, color or even type of materials.

To start setting up your variations, select Product Variations from the Product tab.


Click Add New Variation to begin.


Give your variation a name, for its intended product and list the options in the given fields.


Remember to click Save to save your variation.


Create as many variations as you like and later assign them to the relevant products. Variations can also be edited to change the number of options or deleted. But bear in mind that only one product variation can be assigned to one product.

Updated: Price Variation

Now, we have a new feature which is Price Variation. 

From Dashboard > Products > View Product > Edit Product


Click Assign Variation and choose which product variation that you like.



If the price for the product variation is different, you can change the price for every option that you have set. 


Then click Submit to save the progress.


Now, you have product variation and price variation in one product :) Don't forget to try it out by yourself! 



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