How to Edit Your Product Status

In AVANA Dashboard, you can choose to either Hide, Unhide, Publish, Unpublish or Delete the product in the Product section.

If you choose Publish product, the published product will be shown in your webstore and customers will get to view it.

If you choose Unpublish product in the dashboard, the product will no longer be shown in your webstore and your customer will not be able to purchase your unpublished product anymore.

Different for Hide Product. If you choose to hide your product, your product will be hidden from your webstore, but your customer will still be able to purchase your product if you share the link to the product for your customer to purchase. You can also choose this option if the product is out of stock.

In order have your product shown in your website after you restock the product or you want your customers to be able to view and purchase the product, you can choose Unhide product.

If you want to permanently remove the product from your webstore and dashboard, choose Delete product.

To check and edit/update your product status, you can do so in two ways:

1. Go to Dashboard > Product > View Products > Choose a product > look for two yellow dots on the right side of dashboard > Choose either to Display/Hide (left yellow dot) or Publish/Unpublish (right yellow dot)

2. Go to Dashboard > Product > View Products > Tick on how many products you want > Click on Bulk Action > Choose either to: Publish/Unpublish, Hide/Unhide, or Delete Products > Click OK to proceed

To remove the product from dashboard and webstore permanently, you can either use the yellow box on the right side of the dashboard, or choose how many products you want to remove then click on Bulk Actions and choose Delete Product. Click OK if you are ready to proceed.


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