How do I set up my shipping method?

AVANA merchants can now setup their own shipping method on AVANA dashboard.

Just follow these simple steps:

Go to your AVANA dashboard -> click Settings -> click Shipping .


Click on the Enable Shipping button to activate your shipping settings.


A notification bar will appear on the top of your dashboard and now you can setup your shipping settings.

Click on + Add Shipping Destination to start.

You can choose either PosLaju, FlexiPack or City-Link 


Let's choose PosLaju as the example. 

If you wish not to ship to a certain states in Malaysia, just press the x button beside the states

Click Handling fees if you wish to enable handling fees per order. This will be automatically added to total shipping cost

Click Free shipping if you wish to enable free shipping and enter the minimum total order.

Click Save after you've finished.



Congratulations! You've successfully added your shipping method.



Just apply the same steps with FlexiPack or City-Link.

 If you want to edit your shipping delivery estimation, you can do so here and click Save.


If you want to set up your own shipping fees, you can read the tutorial here:

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