How to Create Facebook Custom Audience

When you enable Auto PM Order for your store, AVANA collects a list of all the users who have shown interest and commented on your Auto PM Order post.

You can download this list and create a Facebook Custom Audience for Ads Retargeting.

You can find this list in your Dashboard > Marketing > Facebook. Click download to export a csv file of your interested audience.


To create your custom audience, click here and click Create Custom Audience.

Next, select Customer File.

Select Choose a file or copy paste data.

Select Add a new file and give your audience a name.

Click on the dropdown next to your data and select Facebook Page User ID.

Next, click on Facebook Page IDs.

Enter your Facebook Page ID in the given space.

To locate your Facebook page ID, go to your Facebook page and click About.

Once you've done so, click Upload and Create.

And your upload process will begin.

Here you'll see a list of all your custom audience.

Now, you can begin your retargeting ads by selecting the custom audience you have created.

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