AVANA New Theme (SIimplified Blue/Pink)

We're glad to announce that we just rolled out a new theme for you! Here is how you can try out the new theme:

  1. Log in to your AVANA Dashboard at manage.avana.asia > Channels > Webstore > Themes > Select Theme (Simplified Blue/Pink)

  2. Select one(1) product highlight > Done.
  3. You can also add more product by clicking “add more product” button.

  4. Webstore highlight > Insert picture > Insert highlight tittle > Insert Short highlight description> long highlight description > Done.
  5. Now, proceed to Product testimonial > Select photo > Insert information accordingly > Done.

  6. Manage Call to action (CTA)>Insert info accordingly>Done

  7. After you have completed all these steps, click on the SAVE buttton.

  8. Your Webstore will look like this! 
    a)For Simplified Pink:-

    b)For Simpified Blue:-
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