How To Insert Videos In Pages

To insert video in pages, you need to make sure that video you wanted to upload is sourced from internet based. (eg: Facebook, Google, etc.)

From Dashboard > Channel > Webstore > Pages > Add new pages / edit page.


You will have 3 options setting which are General Embed and Advanced

*Adviced are to choose GENERAL Setting for your convenience.

  1. For General Setting
    Click Insert > Media > General > copy the link of the video you have chosen > paste the link in "Source" section > Click OK > Add new page


add_new_page.png2.  2.For Embed Setting
Click Insert > Media > Embed > copy embed link of the video > paste your embedlink in section provided > Click OK > Add new page



 3.For Advanced Setting
Click Insert > Media > Advaced >  > Click OK > Add new page


After those step above, your video will be listed here:


You can go to your webstore , Click on the button you had named :


When your video are ready they will appear as below:


We hope, this explanation will help you to insert your videos in your pages.

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