How To Use PosLaju International

With the new addition to our PosLaju integration, AVANA Merchants can now ship globally! You can simply set your target countries or regions and automatic shipping rates will be available for your customers! How to set this shipping option?

1. In the dashboard at >  go to Settings > click on Shipping.

2. Click on "Add New Shipping Destination".


3. Click on Pos International.

4. Here, you can set your target countries / regions and click Save.

Every country will follow PosLaju International current shipping rates (refer more about their rates in their website).

You can include Handling Fee if applicable (for packaging charge, etc.)

5. When you have set up this country, it will appear in your Checkout Destination button.



So, now. What do you need to do once you receive a new international order?

1. Once you checked the payment status is "Paid", you can click on the POS International button to proceed with consignment note print.


2. Here, click on the order that you've just received to proceed. 

3. You can choose whether to pay with your AVApay balance or AVAcredit.


4. Before you print Consignment Notes, you will see the total amount that you need to pay and please read carefully instructions on what you need to do. Then, click 'PRINT' 

5. After click 'PRINT', you will see 2 consignment notes and it is ready to print before you send the parcel to nearest Pos Laju. 









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