How to Set Product Collections for Upsell


We are delighted to share our latest feature addition to the platform called “Product Upsell”. With this feature, AVANA Merchants can now attract customers by up selling products.

  • This feature is collection-based whereby all the products that you set for a collection will be displayed 
  • This feature is available for ALL Webstore themes - so you don't have to change your preferred theme to have this feature in your Webstore!

 Here are the steps you need to complete to apply this feature to your Webstore:

  1. From AVANA Dashboard > Products Product Collections > Add New Collection.


  2. Insert your Collections Title and Description in the Add Collection section.


  3. Click on Products > View Products > Add Product > Fill in Product’s details > Scroll down to Advanced Settings


  4. Click on Advanced Settings > Insert Product Collections > click on Submit.

  5. Make sure to set your product display at AVANA Dashboard > Channels > Webstore > Settings >Home Page Product Display > Select Collection > Save


  6. Your collection will be displayed as shown as below in your AVANA Webstore.


  7. While customer views one of your products, the other products in the same collection will be shown below the product details as well. This will surely helps your customers browse through your Webstore products more easily.


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