New Feature: New Sales Page

We present to you, the new feature released which is "Sales Page".  This feature is now available for ALL webstore theme. 

So, how's this feature works?

  • All discounted products will be grouped together and listed in one page. This may ease customers to find products on sale.


 Here is how the step that you can follow :

1. From Dashboard > Products > View Product > Add New Product.

2. Key in your Product Image, Product Names and Product Price. Dont forget to Enable Discount.

 3. Key in your other details before click Submit.

How this feature looks like on webstore?
  • Minimalistic Themes


When you click on Browse Products, you will see Sale Products.

When you click on Sales Products, you will see like this :

  • Other Themes
 When you click on Browse Products, you will see Products on Sales.

 When you click on Products On Sales, you will see like this :
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