AVANA Checkout Additional Info

We are happy to announce our new feature release which is called the 'Checkout Additional Info'.

If your products / services require some additional information from your buyers, such as birthday date, whether the item is as a present to someone special, etc.

Let's go through on how you can set this up for your Webstore:

1. From Dashboard > ChannelsWebstore > Checkout Add Info.

2. Click on 'New Additional Info' button on top right.


3. All fields are required to be filled:
  • Name: You may enter anything as this may be for your reference only
  • Display As: Enter a label for the information section that is easy to understand by buyers
  • Required: Do buyers required to fill in this field or they can just leave it unfilled

4. Once saved, it will appear on the Checkout Add-Info items list. You may edit or remove it based on your business requirements.

5. Figure below shows on how the add-on information section will look like. It will appear during checkout process.

6. Any information provided by buyers will be recorded and you may refer them in your order details in AVANA Dashboard.


Yeay! Now you may gain extra information from buyers. We hope that this feature will better manage your customers' order. 

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