How do I Set Up Ninja Van Pickup?

Fulfilling your customers' orders using AVANA has never been this easy. You can now have the Ninja Van rider to come to your doorstep and collect your parcel with the new Ninja Van from AVANA. This feature applicable for items less than 2kg for only RM6.50 (this is only applicable to West Malaysia). The minimum parcel entitled for pickup are 3 parcels.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to you AVANA Dashboard > Orders > Ninja Van.


2. Select the orders you want to use Ninja Van > click Print

For 1 order : 


For 3 orders and above : 


3. Choose the mode of payment: AVApay or AVAcredit. At this section you will see the total amount that you will be paying for the orders. To find out more about AVAPay please visit here

For 1 Parcel (West Malaysia - RM6.50) : 


For 3 parcels and above  : 


4. You will direct to shipping setting, where you can read the terms and conditions before click Proceed


5. After clicking on Proceed button, you will go the last step before you print the consignment notes. You can choose either to Set Pickup (Save Schedule) or Send By Myself.

Note: Please take note that you cannot change the pickup date after you click on Save Schedule.



For 1 Parcel, you can only choose to Send By Myself.

You can change the status automatic from Paid > Shipped after this process. 

By changing this status, the tracking number will be updated at Orders section and the customer will receive the tracking number automatically by email.

6. After you click on Save Schedule (for pickup) or Send By Myself, you will be directed to Print the consignment notes.


Done! It's just a simple step that you can follow! 


You can view your previous orders shipped by Ninja Van at History button.






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